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Kathryn Brunner



Legally Blonde

SNAPS!! Kathryn recently finished up a run as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde with the coproduction between Riverside Theatre and The Walnut Street Theatre.

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"Traditionally played dim-witted and unsuspecting, Brunner's interpretation represented the females of 2019 very well. Beyond her good looks and charm, she was stoic, intelligent, and fierce. It's very easy to cater to the original film as well as the public to play shtick, but Brunner nor her cohorts catered to that notion. Although written prior to the #metoo movement, the gravity of the today's climate is front and center. Where originally there were laughs, now heard sympathetic "ohhs" and "mmms"." -Anne Marie Scalies, BWW

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National Anthem

Check out Kat singing the National Anthem at the Phillies Game in June of 2019!

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Meet Kat!

Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Kathryn developed a love for performing at a young age. She would dress up (in LOTS of floral patterns) and perform on her family’s deck during pool parties for anyone who would watch- it was then that her parents decided they had no choice but to cultivate her love for musical theatre. Kat grew up performing professionally in the Philadelphia area, and eventually started performing in NYC at the age of 10 at The American Girl Place Theatre. Through this experience, Kat knew that performing and living in NYC was what she was meant to do!


Kat graduated from Temple University in May’16 (Temple Made!) Since moving to NYC, she has had the opportunity to land some DREAM roles and travel regionally and internationally. What a blessing it is to wake up and sing for a living!


When Kat isn’t performing, she is a fitness trainer at Obe Fitness, a virtual streaming platform Kat is an active fitness enthusiast and finds so much joy in empowering other people to achieve their health and fitness goals. Click HERE to see Kat’s fitness page!

Ariel Moore, Footloose, Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

Laurie, Oklahoma, Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre



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